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Video: Don Wiberg, 76, Tries Out for Golden State Warriors’ D-League Affiliate

A lot of people dream about playing in the NBA. Every year, folks of all ages (within reason) try their best to make a pro roster. The desire to ball against the best in the world isn’t limited to just regular people, though. Amateur players from all over the world do whatever they can to play in the NBA. Musicians, actors and an assortment of other well-known personalities have all tried to get on a roster at one time or another, too.

Again, the concept of someone other than a college basketball star trying to make an NBA team (or an NBA team affiliate) isn’t foreign to fans. We’ve seen it enough to be at the point where it no longer surprises us.

Or so we thought until the Santa Cruz Warriors (the Golden State Warriors’ D-League affiliates) held tryouts this weekend.  

Meet Don Wiberg, folks. He couldn’t make his high school team. He hadn’t played basketball in 20 years before this weekend. Oh, and he’s 70 years old.

As reported by the Santa Cruz Sentinel (via Yahoo! Sports):

Seventy-six-year-old Don Wiberg hadn't played basketball in 20 years, having traded it in for beach volleyball, when he stepped on the court Sunday. He admits he couldn't make his high school team and that he played one year at Cal Tech before deciding he was better at water polo.

Still, he couldn't resist the S.C. Warriors' claim that it would welcome anyone over 18 who was willing to pay the $100-125 entry fee.

"It's on my bucket list," he said. "You know, what the hell."

 What the hell indeed. He couldn’t have possibly been any worse than Master P.

(Kudos Santa Cruz Sentinel, Yahoo! Sports, Larry Brown Sports)


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