Video: Dodgers’ Matt Kemp Reacts Somewhat Poorly After Re-Injuring Hamstring

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Last year’s rightful NL MVP and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ best player, Matt Kemp, was looking to get his season back on track after coming off the disabled list on Tuesday. Unfortunately, during the first inning of L.A.'s Wednesday showdown against the Milwaukee Brewers, Kemp wound up re-injuring his hamstring in a seemingly routine run around the bases.

After he scored, Kemp returned to the dugout and reacted like this to getting hurt again:

"It feels worse than the first time," Kemp said after the game."This is my first time ever really having any hamstring problems, so I don't know how to really treat it."

The Brewers won last night, 6-3.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports. Fox News)

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