Video: Diddy Watches His Son Justin Combs ‘Play’ in His First UCLA Football Game

You’ll recall that Justin Combs heading to UCLA on a football scholarship was something of a big deal a few months back. Because Combs’ family is clearly pretty well off, a lot of people felt as though he didn’t deserve a scholarship that another kid (who can’t afford to go to school) could have gotten. That was a totally idiotic debate, but it raged on for a few weeks anyway.

As is the case with most controversies, though, it was eventually forgotten and Combs went on to join UCLA's program. Last weekend, he took in his first game and, as you would expect, his dad P. Diddy was on hand to break down the whole experience.

Check it out:

UCLA knew exactly what it was doing when it offered Justin a scholarship. Diddy making videos like this and hyping up your school as is good a recruiting tool as any coach will ever have.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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