Video: Did Wes Welker Missing this Catch Cost the New England Patriots Super Bowl XLVI?

The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 at Super Bowl XLVI. Over the course of the second half, there were a number of moments (from both squads) that ultimately shaped what the final outcome would look like. Still, if pressed to point to one play that cost New England their fourth championship in the Bill Belichick Era, you almost have to point to this key drop by wide receiver by Wes Welker with four minutes go in the fourth quarter.

Yes, fine, the Patriots were still up by two at this point. But this play still opened the door for what everyone knew would be an inevitable Eli Manning comeback drive versus a porous New England defense.

Check it out:

Needless to say, the Giants wound up earning the game-winning score on the next drive.

Was this the play that cost the Patriots Super Bowl XLVI? And let’s take it one step further. If this was the play that cost them the Super Bowl, do you blame Tom Brady for a poorly thrown pass or Welker for not making the necessary grab?

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