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Video: Did Notre Dame Really Beat Stanford?

When it was all said and done, Notre Dame’s defense stood strong against four consecutive rushes from Stepfan Taylor to earn the Fighting Irish their sixth victory of 2012. That’s all the standings will reflect, and nothing beyond that really matters.

Still, everyone who watched that game -- regardless of whether they’re Stanford fans or not -- had to leave with the same question: should Notre Dame have really won?

On fourth down with his team trailing by seven, Taylor had one last chance to do what he had failed to do three times prior – score. Stanford won all year long thanks to their powerful rushing attack, and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind what would happen on the final play.

So there was Taylor, ball in hand, taking on a fierce Notre Dame defense with the game on the line. After initially getting stopped, he appeared to find some space and power his way home on the second effort – or sowe thought. The referees didn’t see it, however, and ruled that Taylor hadn’t crossed the goal line.

Were they right? Decide for yourselves (pay close attention starting at the 20-second mark):

It really didn't even seem that close. At least not on our end.

What say you, though? Touchdown or not?

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