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Video: Did Ndamukong Suh Intentionally Kick Matt Schaub in the Groin During Lions vs. Texans?

Ndamukong Suh is widely regarded as one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. We all know this. Moreover, we also all know that Suh’s accepted dirtiness isn’t just a sentiment held by writers, bloggers and TV analysts. In a recent poll conducted by Sporting News, 103 players from 27 different teams overwhelmingly agreed that Suh was a terrible guy.

On Thursday, with the whole world watching, Suh decided to reaffirm everyone’s worst beliefs about him by kicking Matt Schaub in the groin.

Check it out:

Was it intentional? Probably. But it’s impossible to say for certain based on the tape. Either way, the NFL is currently reviewing the play and, given Suh’s history, it wouldn’t at all be shocking to see him suspended next week.

What say you: did he do it on purpose?

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