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Video: Did Metta World Peace Deserve this Flagrant Foul During Lakers vs. Thunder Game 5?

The Los Angeles Lakers exited the playoffs with a whimper on Monday night, ultimately losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder 106-90. After putting up a solid, respectable fight for three quarters, Mike Brown and Co. essentially gave the entire series away when they opted not to come out guns blazing at the beginning of the fourth. And while you would never be able to tell by the lifeless showing that L.A. put forth in that last quarter, they actually played with a very legitimate amount of enthusiasm throughout most of the outing.

Case in point, this hustle defensive play by Metta World Peace:

On its face, there is nothing unusual about that play. Peace runs back on defense, gets into a mild collision with Thabo Sefolosha and draws a somewhat fair foul. No biggie, right? Well, yeah – no biggie right up until the point when the referee randomly decided to change the call to a flagrant.

Peace himself offered the best reaction to that call (via SB Nation):

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Could that be any worse of a flagrant? Reasonable people can agree that there was a foul there. At first, a lot of folks argued that Peace got all ball; however, upon further review, you can quite clearly see the contact. But a flagrant for that? Clearly a ruling made because of Peace’s somewhat unfortunate reputation, not anything that actually happened on the court.

What do you think: was that foul worthy of the flagrant that the Lakers’ enigmatic forward ultimately received for it?

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