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Video: Did a Bad Foul Decide Saturday's Madison Central vs. Louisville Trinity Game?

You never want to have a basketball game at any level get decided by a foul, but that’s precisely what ended up happening in Saturday’s Madison (Kent.) Central High versus Louisville (Kent.) Trinity High showdown. With the game knotted at 77 and basically no time remaining on the clock, Madison got bailed out by a controversial call from the officials during what seemed like a routine inbounds play. As a result of that very questionable foul, Madison's Quan Taylor got two free shots to win the game with literally no time remaining on the clock.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

…the call which put Taylor in position to provide that game-winner will continue to drive controversy for some time to come. Madison Central got the ball for an inbounds pass along the sideline with just one-tenth of a second remaining on the game clock. With no other options, Central guard Domonique Hawkins lofted a high inbounds pass toward the 6-foot-5 Taylor, hoping that he might be able to tip it in. After all, there wasn't time to do anything else.

Taylor couldn't get his hands to the ball, but he did draw a whistle, with referees calling Trinity forward Nathan Dieudonne for holding Taylor when he went up for the ball. The call left no time on the clock, setting the stage for Taylor's nervy heroics at the free throw line.

Here is the game tape:

It’s important to note that there are few things harder to do in professional sports than to perfectly officiate an entire game. Sooner or later you’re bound to mess up, and all you can really hope for when you do mess up is that the mistake doesn’t tilt the balance too badly. And it’s also worth noting that in a perfect world, a foul will be a foul will be a foul. Whether it happens in the first second of the game or the last second of the game – anything that constitutes as a foul should be called as such.

All of that being said – calling that foul probably wasn’t the best way to go. Sure a tussle under the basket is worth keeping an eye on if you’re an official, but unless a flagrant attempt at hacking another player takes place, you can’t decide a game on a maybe loose ball foul.

What do you think? Did the game get decided on a play it shouldn’t have gotten decided on?

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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