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Video: Dexter Pittman Elbows Lance Stephenson in the Throat During Heat vs. Pacers

By now, everyone knows how we got to this point. Back during Game 3 of the second round playoff series between Miami and Indiana, LeBron James (because he’s LeBron James) bricked some free throws. As he was bricking said free throws, Pacers benchwarmer Lance Stephenson put his hands to his throat to indicate that LeBron was choking. Video of the incident went around for a couple of days and, this past weekend, the Heat’s resident senile old guy, Juwan Howard, confronted Stephenson about it.

Everyone sort of figured that the issue was dead after that. But then Game 5 happened. Late in the outing, with Miami comfortably ahead by 30+, Dexter Pittman decided to do this:

Watch that video to the one-minute mark. Pittman winks at the end.


Two things: One, if Metta World Peace had done what Dexter Pittman did, he’d have been arrested and escorted out of the arena. Two, how does the NBA not investigate Miami for having a bounty in place on Stephenson in this instance?

If Pittman doesn't get at least seven games, this league loses any and all credibility.

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