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Video: Derrick Rose Hits Clutch Buzzer-Beater, Leads Bulls Past Bucks

Derrick Rose has never been a particularly great shooter. He’s definitely improved since coming into the league when he was straight up horrendous (though he’s slightly worse this year than last), but you would still never accuse the reigning MVP of being Chris Paul or Steve Nash in that regard. Nevertheless, with the game on the line and no lane to the basket in sight, you can bet your last dollar that Rose will never hesitate to pull up for the game-winner when it matters most.

On Wednesday night with the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks locked in a 104-104 tie, Rose ensured that there would be no overtime. Showing off his trademark calm and cool, he watched the clock wind down and waited until he knew that there wouldn’t be any time for a response, and then he stepped back, lifted up and nailed a game-winner from just within the 3-point line.



Check out the most clutch play of a night filled with clutch plays below.

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