Video: Deron Williams Explodes for 57 Points During Nets vs. Bobcats


When talk turns to who the best point guard in the NBA is, New Jersey Nets superstar Deron Williams always seems to get slighted. He’s constantly in the conversation, sure, but every year either Chris Paul or Derrick Rose or Steve Nash gets the nod for the title of best over him.

Out of everyone playing the position in the league, arguably only Paul brings the sort of complete game and versatility that Williams offers on a nightly basis, and on Sunday versus the Charlotte Bobcats, Williams made his case for best point in the league by going absolutely nuts for a career high 57 points.

Hilariously, despite their superstar going off, the Nets only beat the woefully awful Bobcats by three points when it was all said and done – 104-101.

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