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Video: Delonte West Shoved His Finger into Gordon Hayward’s Ear During Mavs vs. Jazz

During Monday night’s showdown between the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz, Delonte West decided to trot out his own special brand of intimidation. With a little less than four minutes remaining in the second quarter, West -- apparently irritated about picking up his third foul -- randomly followed Gordon Hayward around the court, and then proceeded to stick his finger into the Jazz forward’s ear.

Yes, you read that right. He stuck his finger into Hayward’s ear. (Seriously, they could dedicate chapters in the DSM to this guy.)

Although the referees didn’t immediately spot the third-grade maneuver, an outraged crowd reaction eventually got them to go back and review the game tape. Once they saw what West had done, they gave him a technical for his troubles, and in doing so probably ensured that the league office would fine him as well.

Here West exemplifying NBA-level maturity:

We'd expect nothing less from the guy who willingly decided to live out of his car for no reason.

The Mavs went on to lose the game, 123-121. The lesson? When you stick your body parts into people’s ears, any body parts, karma will get you.

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