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Video of the Day: Russian Soccer Player Gets Subbed Out for 5-Year-Old Son in Final Game

Soccer doesn’t get much mainstream love in America, for whatever reason, but there is no denying that some of the best sports moments of the last month have come via what the rest of the world refers to as football. About a week ago, we brought you the clip of Rogier Meijer being consoled after a tough loss by his daughter. Two weeks ago, we brought you the video of Didier Zokora kicking alleged racist Emre Belozoglu in the groin. Three weeks ago, we brought you manager Delio Rossi physically attacking one of his own players during a game.

And now, in the same spirit as all those special moments, we bring you this:

Just to put it in some context: this was Vadim Evseev’s last game in the Belorussian Premier League. To make his final outing about as memorable as it could possibly be, both teams agreed to let his five-year-old son sub in for him and score a goal.

So, that was your heartfelt sports moment for the day. Now back to the regular scheduled programming: performance-enhancing drug use, exploitation of college athletes and DUI arrests.

(Kudos to The Big Lead)

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