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Video of the Day: Kid at Rays Game Given a Foul Ball by Adult, Throws it Away

Over the last few months we’ve seen a lot of adults act horribly at various sporting events.

First, there was that awful couple from the Texas Rangers game that caught a foul ball and then sat by idly while a child bawled right next to them. Then, more recently, we had that terrible lady who stole a Donald Driver souvenir -- at a charity event, no less -- which was meant for a youngster sitting beside her.  

We rightfully chided the adults involved in each of those cases, as did most of America.

It’s important to be fair, though. During a recent Tampa Bay Rays game, a man apparently caught a foul ball and, unlike the clowns noted above, did the right thing – he gave it to the kid beside him. (Presumably his son.)

Unfortunately, his good deed went unrewarded.

Check out what that little kid did with the ball:

And with one unfortunate throw, an entire horrible segment of the population that argued against kids being given first dibs on foul balls and/or sports souvenirs was vindicated.

(Kudos Deadspin)

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