Video of the Day: Didier Zokora Kicks Alleged Racist Emre Belozoglu in Groin During Match


You don’t even need to be a soccer fan to appreciate what happened during Sunday’s battle between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce.

Back in April, these two clubs met up for a largely meaningless game that was highlighted by Emre Belozoglu allegedly insulting Didier Zokora using a racial slur. For his part, Belozoglu denied that he hurled anything even remotely resembling a racist comment at his opponent; however, seeing as he was the subject of three (thanks, TBL) racist incidents in a four-month span at one point, some people didn’t exactly buy his denials.

Anyway, Emre ultimately earned a two-game suspension from the Turkish Football Federation for his troubles following that situation.

Pretty legit punishment, right? Not in some people's eyes.

This past Sunday, Zokora and Emre faced off again – only this team Zokora decided to seek out retribution on his own.

Check it out:

Two notes: first of all, it’s great to know that in Turkish soccer kicking a guy in the groin will only net you a yellow card. Secondly, soccer is fantastic when they’re not actually playing soccer.

(Kudos to TBL and Huff Po for the find)

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