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Video: David Stern Refers to “Hurricane Sandy” as “Hurricane Katrina” Before Heat vs. Celtics

NBA Commissioner David Stern is currently on his farewell tour, so you just know that he wants everything to go perfectly from now until his 2014 departure. Unfortunately, things did not go perfectly on Tuesday night.

In a brief speech before the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics tipped off, Stern tried to offer some kind words to those who had been impacted by Hurricane Sandy over the previous 24 hours. Except he didn’t say “Hurricane Sandy” – he said “Hurricane Katrina.”

As you would expect, the crowd noticed.

A lot of people poked fun at the commissioner for his error after the fact – but the jabs felt a bit dumb. It seemed like an honest case of misspeaking. Given all of the stuff we can make fun of Stern for, doing it over this particular gaffe just feels kind of petty.

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