Video: David Nalbandian Injures Line Judge During Queen’s Club Final, Gets DQed

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David Nalbandian was disqualified from Sunday’s Queen’s club final when he inadvertently injured a line judge.

Nalbandian, a No. 10 seed entering his showdown versus Marin Cilic, was leading in the second set of their match when he -- in fit of anger -- randomly kicked a small barrier that was surrounding the line judge. As a result of the kick, a small piece of the barrier wound up shattering and hitting the line judge in the shin.

Because ATP rules clearly state that any violent action is cause for automatic default, Nalbandian got the boot for his troubles.

Check it out:

"Sometimes you get very frustrated on court and it's tough to control that, and sometimes I do a mistake. So it's very tough to end a final like that," Nalbandian said after the match. "But sometimes we feel so much pressure from the ATP to play a lot of tournaments. They don't do anything (for) us, and today I do a mistake and I have to pay like that.

"I agree I do a mistake but sometimes everybody do a mistake and I didn't feel it had to end like that, especially in a final."

(Kudos ESPN, SportsGrid)

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