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Video: Danilo Gallinari’s Ridiculous Assist During Nuggets vs. Celtics

Given that the sport's highlights are mostly dominated by slam dunks and buzzer-beaters, it's not surprising that the most critical offensive aspect of basketball often falls by the wayside.

Passing, the thing that makes those aforementioned dunks and buzzer-beaters possible (in most cases), hasn’t been perceived as flashy or exciting in most people’s eyes since Magic Johnson temporarily made it cool. During Saturday’s Denver Nuggets versus Boston Celtics showdown, Danilo Gallinari moved to change that with inarguably the slickest assist of the year.

Check it out:

Will Gallo's dime make passing the thing to do now? Probably not. But it did help the Nuggets earn a 98-91 win. So there's that.

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