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Video: Danica Patrick Crashes into Sam Hornish Jr. After the Checkered Flag

Danica Patrick is a terrible race car driver. It’s important to start any and all pieces related to her with that. She’s a terrible, terrible race car driver. Over the course of her much-hyped career, during her entire 33-race, three-year NASCAR Nationwide Series stint, she won exactly zero races. So again: she’s completely and totally horrible at what she does.

While being awful over the last few years, Patrick has also developed a reputation for being a whiny, petulant baby whenever something doesn’t go her way. Now, some of that can probably be chalked up to her feeling the need to prove her toughness in a male-dominated arena; but a lot of that also seems like it could be directly attributed to her just being an irritatingly bad sport.

This past weekend, Patrick put herself in the news once again – and once again it was for a reason that had far more to do with her being a bad sport than any notable accomplishment. In revenge for Sam Hornish Jr. busting into her earlier in the day, Patrick opted to seek out payback after the checkered flag. You know, when the race was over.

Check it out:

Hornish and Patrick finished 12th and 13th, respectively. But seeing as Hornish didn’t purposely ram into anyone after the checkered flag, you almost don’t want to list the two side-by-side when recapping what happened.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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