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Video: Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Dancing to Gangnam Style

A lot of bad stuff has happened over the course of human history, but none of it was worse than this ridiculous new trend where folks dance to Gangnam Style. War. Famine. Disease. Poverty. Those things are unfortunate, obviously – but they're definitely not as bad as the curse that that Psy recently inflicted on the world.

The worst thing about this Gangnam Style fad? That it doesn’t appear to be dying out. It’s spreading, actually.

Here is Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban getting down to Gangnam Style at Kilroy's in Bloomington, Indiana (reportedly):

Cuban is hands down the NBA’s coolest owner (yup, better than Mikhail Prohorov), but even he can’t salvage this new craze that’s slowly killing us all.  

(Kudos Deadspin, Shot of Ginn)

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