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Video: Cubs Fans Can’t Even Get Marriage Proposals Right

The Cubs are all sorts of terrible. Between a really sad 43-58 mark on the year, their unsatisfied ace Ryan Dempster forcing his way out of town, and a 103-year drought that won’t end any time in the foreseeable future – Chicago’s Lovable Losers haven’t given their fans much to smile about at games this year.

Because of all that and presumably in an effort to be proactive, said Cubs fans have taken to creating their own enjoyable moments.

Case in point: Greg.

During Monday night’s showdown between the Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates, Greg decided to propose to his lovely girlfriend, Erica, with the whole world (read: drunk baseball fans) watching. In what was an admittedly heartwarming gesture, Greg arranged for the good folks at Wrigley to flash this sign during the game: “Erica, will you marry me?”

Sweet, right? In theory: yes. In reality: eh…

At the end of the day, Erica said yes and Greg got what he wanted. Still, if ever there was an event that perfectly epitomized what the Cubs stand for, this proposal was it.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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