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Video: Crazy Guy Gets a Tattoo of Shaq, NBA on TNT Crew

You know how you were going to get a tattoo of Charles Barkley kissing Dick Bavetta on your ankle because Shaquille O’Neal offered $1,000 to whoever would do it? Well, too late. Some crazy guy from Los Angeles already beat you to the punch. Oh, so you’ll just go ahead and get a tattoo of the NBA on TNT cast on your back then, and collect the $1,000 Shaq was promising for that? Nope, sorry. The same crazy guy got that tattoo as well.

Here is what folks in L.A. are capable of when they get a whiff of money, apparently:

Yes, America – that’s what Clippers fans look like.

(Kudos to @DarrenRovell for the find)

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