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Video: Cowboys Lose to Giants Because Dez Bryant Can’t Keep His Fingers Inbounds

Sunday afternoon’s NFC East battle between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants didn’t teach us anything new about either team.

It featured Tony Romo being absolutely horrendous in the first half. It featured the Giants taking their foot off the gas in the second half. It featured Romo leading the Cowboys to what looked like it would be a historic comeback victory. It featured Dez Bryant being a hero for all of two seconds. Finally, it featured the Cowboys ultimately losing by an inch, Romo and Bryant being recognized as the reasons for the loss, and the team’s shot of winning the division die a slow, painful death.

Here was the play that could have won Dallas the game: a fantastic catch by Bryant that got overturned because his fingers landed out of bounds. That’s how close the Cowboys were to being 4-3 instead of 3-4.

It was the most Cowboys-esque finish to a game that anyone could ever ask for.

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