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Video: Cowboys Fan Blows Up Romo Jersey

The Dallas Cowboys fell to the Washington Redskins in extremely unspectacular fashion this past Sunday. Despite the fact that they were playing for a postseason berth, the Cowboys shot themselves in the foot time after time and essentially gift-wrapped the ‘W’ for their foes.  

Blaming in the entire Dallas team is too easy, though. Quarterbacks get all the credit when NFL squads succeed, and quarterbacks should shoulder the blame when their squads fail.

In the biggest game of the year, Tony Romo came up amazingly small en route to a 218 yard, two touchdown and three interception day.

Needless to say, some fans were not particularly pleased with that showing.

Case in point: the nutjob in the video below.

In an effort to blow up his Tony Romo jersey, he filled a washing machine with explosives, shoved the jersey inside, and then fired at it with his gun until it exploded.

Texas, ya’ll.

Obviously the only way to stop idiots with extra explosives and guns from blowing up jerseys is to have a trained security officer guarding every washing machine.

(Kudos Deadspin)

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

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