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Video: Of Course Michele Bachmann is Comparing Herself to Broncos Tim Tebow

When time is running out and your football team desperately needs a score, they typically throw up a long pass that they pray will somehow find its intended target in the end zone. The Hail Mary has become a cornerstone of fluke football victories throughout history, and one that you typically see most often from teams that are always down to their considerably better opponents.

In the Republican primaries a similar play has developed over the last few months – throwing up a Tim Tebow. This last-ditch effort at justifying your incompetence first hit the national scene about a month ago when Texas governor Rick Perry excused his inability to walk and talk at the same time by citing that he was the Tim Tebow of this Republican batch. It was a hilariously cringeworthy moment, but one that made at least a little bit of sense given the fact that the Denver Broncos were still winning at the time thanks in part to Tebow’s maddeningly unconventional style.

Of course, the comparison didn’t help Perry’s fleeting chances of becoming the Republican nominee – but that’s neither here nor there.

The far more puzzling recent decision, however, is Michelle Bachmann randomly evoking images of Tim Tebow in her new video ad. Mind you, she’s using it now, after the worst two-game stretch of the young Bronco’s career.

Will Bachman’s last-ditch attempt at throwing up a Tim Tebow work? Probably not. But check the video out (via The Hill) anyway.

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