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Video: Of Course LeSean McCoy Guaranteed an Eagles Super Bowl Win

Following a busy offseason last year, the Philadelphia Eagles looked poised to make a Super Bowl run. They had just loaded up a number of key -- and mildly flashy -- additions in what was an impressive salary cap balancing act, and all Philly actually had left to do was make the pieces jive on the field.

Then Vince Young went out and innocently referred to his squad as a “Dream Team.”

Predictably, in this day and age of making mountains out of molehills, he and his team got destroyed by the press for that statement. And then when the Eagles didn’t live up to expectations, everyone blamed the comment for creating unnecessary pressure.

Of course, while the “Dream Team” statement obviously didn’t help things, any reasonable observer could tell that that it played a fractional role in what wound up transpiring last year. The ridiculousness of how badly it got blown out of proportion notwithstanding, saying that Young’s comment didn’t help would be an accurate assessment.

With all that in mind, most expected Eagles players to keep their mouths shut during this offseason. To just do what needed to be done, and let their play do the talking for them.

As it turns out, the fellas didn't actually get that memo.

On Wednesday morning, while appearing on SportsCenter as part of some Madden thing, LeSean McCoy decided to prove how much he learned from last year’s debacle by guaranteeing a championship. Our friends over at Crossing Broad were able to get the whole thing down.

Check it out:

What could possibly go wrong?

(Kudos to Crossing Broad for the find and the video)

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