Video: Couple Caught Having Sex in Bathroom Stall at Yankee Stadium

During the New York Yankees win over Tampa Bay, on Saturday, an unidentified couple was filmed (video below) having sex in a bathroom stall at Yankee Stadium, reports Deadspin.com.

In the clip, a man wearing T-shirt and his female companion were apparently too busy to notice a recording device or another man watching from a nearby stall.

The horny couple attracted a large crowd, including stadium personnel.

Scott from Berkeley Heights, N.J., told WFAN’s Boomer & Carton show: “First of all, I walk in, I just see his pants lying on the ground. That’s when I realized something was going down. Then you see all the security guards and other fans. It was quite a show."

Yankee Stadium personnel eventually called security, but not without asking the person who shot the video to show them the footage.

The Yankees are “aware of the situation but had no comment” on Sunday, according to the NY Daily News.



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