Video: Could These NFL Replacement Referees Possibly be More Embarrassing?

Allow me to be the 50th person to publicly rag on the replacement officials today after yesterday’s catastrophe from the opening whistle of the 1 o’clock games to the final play of Sunday night’s Patriots-Ravens game. At this point, there is no such thing as “piling on” when it comes to bashing a product that has been made substantially worse solely because scab referees are allowed to alter the outcome of games and endanger the players who play those games.

Alright, now I’ll get of my high horse and just make fun of them. It’s easier then trying to rationalize why they’re on the field in the first place (Roger Goodell hates you, me, the players and is intrinsically evil).

This video is a lovely way to sum up the tenure of these replacement refs – chaotic, uneven, wrong, and just plain dangerous. Check out the move on the scab on the right side of the screen. He takes his referee hat off and whips it into the end zone, causing Cowboys’ receiver Kevin Ogletree to step on the hat while running a route and slip. It’s awful, but it’s so funny.

When a ref removes his hat, it’s usually to signal that somebody has gone out of bounds and then can’t be the first player to touch the ball upon re-entering the field. Except, in this play, Ogletree doesn’t come within a yard of the sidelines. He never comes remotely close to stepping out of bounds.

Also, when a ref takes off his hat, he doesn’t typically wind up and throw the hat into the end zone like he’s trying to hit a tight end between the numbers. It’s usually just dropped on the sideline and play continues. But this particular scab, he winds up and Koufax’s the thing right at Ogletree’s feet.

Are they are any rational explanations for this situation? Not really. Perhaps the ref was playing against Ogletree in fantasy this week, or maybe he just got bored and wanted to see how far he could throw his hat. Either way, it’s a terrific play by this guy. I’d like to see more of the refs intentionally screwing with players, personally. Maybe trip the guys as they’re running down the field on punt coverage, or dive in front of passes to break them up, then get up and start doing a celebration dance. We could really take this thing to a whole new level.

Who would really complain if Blaine Gabbert drops back to pass and suddenly the back judge comes out of no where and levels him with a monster form tackle from the blindside. Sign me up. If these refs are going to ruin games and change the outcomes with their awful calls, they might as well entertain us a little, too.

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