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Video: Colorado State Football Players Accused of Beating Up 4 Students

Three Colorado State University (CSU) football players were suspended indefinitely this week following an alleged fight late Friday night. The altercation reportedly resulted in four other students being sent to a local hospital, with two sustaining serious injuries.

Before practice on Monday, head coach Jim McElwain told reporters that he has and will continue to take this matter very seriously.

"The severity of this, I will not stand for what is going on," McElwain said (via the Denver Post). "Until the investigation comes out, we don't know exactly all the circumstances, but I feel with the severity of them, I feel the best thing for us to do is to go ahead and indefinitely suspend, which is the strongest thing we can do at this point."

According to a statement released by the Fort Collins police on Saturday, the three players involved -- linebacker Mike Orakpo and defensive ends Nordly Capi and Colton Paulhus -- were part of a four-on-five confrontation that occurred on the intersection of Laporte Avenue and Shields Street. While details about who started the incident and what exactly happened remain murky, pictures posted to Facebook by one of the students on the receiving end of the players’ alleged beatdown showed that he wound up getting very bruised and battered.

Here is Danny Gocha, post-fight (via Daily Mail):

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

And here are the other two students' photos:

Image placeholder title

JD Haley

Image placeholder title

Alejandro Cuomo

Meanwhile, here is what the players looked like, pre-fight:

Mike Orakpo (via The Examiner)

Nordly Capi (via The Examiner)

Image placeholder title

Colton Paulhus (via Daily Mail)

Additional details on what transpired, via the Coloradoan, available in the video below:

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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