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Video: CNBC Host Asks Jets Owner Woody Johnson if Tim Tebow is Still a Virgin

Everyone knows that ESPN milks Tim Tebow coverage for all it's worth. Because he is such a huge name in sports, and because he has such a devoted following, Tebow has been ratings gold for the World Wide Leader. We get that.

What is a little less clear, however, is why non-sports networks so often go the Tebow route. And because sports coverage doesn’t really belong in their analysis, their coverage of the Jets’ soon-to-be starting quarterback inevitably comes out sounding really, really awkward.

Case in point, what happened on CNBC today.

Check out what Jets owner, Woody Johnson, was asked on Squawk Box:

Let this be lesson to CNBC and every other non-sports network: stay in your own lane. Talk about what you know. Leave the unnecessary Tebow gossip to pros like Skip Bayless and Screamin' A. Smith.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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