Video: Clippers’ Lamar Odom Still Considers Himself a Laker


During his seven years with the Los Angeles Lakers, Lamar Odom was always a huge fan favorite. Whether it was his selfless play on the court, or his admirable ability to balance out Kobe Bryant’s intense leadership style off of it – something about Odom always spoke to Laker loyalists. Heck, even when he got traded, the reception that he consistently got upon his returns spoke volumes about how much his old fans loved him.

Well, as it turns out, Odom still cares about the Lakers, too. He may not come out and admit it. He may not tell anyone at all, actually. But as this Freudian slip during what was supposed to be a Clippers commercial indicates, his old squad is still very much on Odom’s mind.

Once a Laker, always a Laker. (Except for Smush Parker, obviously.)

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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