Video: Chris Duhon Stole the Show During Magic vs. Pacers with this Travel Dance

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For a guy that scored zero points and committed two turnovers in 10 minutes of action this past Saturday, Chris Duhon is surprisingly popular today.

Initially there wasn’t much to look forward to in the first round playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic. The Pacers are one of the league’s most promising and capable teams on the come-up; the Magic are a leaderless, confused mess. The Pacers locked down a No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference this year thanks to unselfish play and a willingness to develop; the Magic can’t decide whether they want to throw their superstar or head coach under the bus.

As soon as it came down the wire that Dwight Howard was out for the postseason, any and all intrigue surrounding a first round showdown between the Pacers and Magic went out the window.

Indiana would smoke Orlando, we all figured.

But there is a reason that games aren’t played on paper. Showing more heart and more perseverance than any of us gave originally gave them credit for having, the Magic took down the Pacers this past Saturday -- on the road -- 81-77.

The visiting team’s surprising win wasn’t the story of the day, though. No, that honor was reserved for, as noted, Mr. Chris Duhon. With the score tight, seconds winding down and Pacers in position to possibly, maybe do something, Danny Granger got called for traveling. And when he got called for traveling, Duhon did this in the background:

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That right there is how you create a viral sensation, ladies and gentlemen.

(Kudos to SB Nation via Jose3030)

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