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Video: Cheryl Reeve Gets Mad, Throws Her Jacket at an Assistant During Lynx vs. Fever

Everyone’s idea of watchable and unwatchable sports is obviously different, but the WNBA generally falls into the unwatchable pile for most people. Sure the league has its core fans, however, for the most part, women’s basketball happenings don’t move the meter as it pertains to national sports news.

Now, let’s pause and give credit where credit is due. According to the Star Tribune, WNBA season ticket renewals are on the rise and playoff ratings are up 13 percent. So the league is definitely growing. That said, when you start off with a miniscule amount of interest, any growth will be deemed substantial.

On Wednesday night, we got yet another example of what WNBA players and coaches need to do to gain any measure of national attention. (Hint: it’s not something good.) Check it out:

We’d love to provide some context for that, however, we didn’t watch the game. Everything we know about that we -- just like you -- gleaned from watching the video.

For what it’s worth, according to a quick Google search, the Lynx (the team coached by the lady who threw her jacket) won 83-71 to tie up the WNBA Finals.


(Kudos @cjzero, The Big Lead, Star Tribune)

Photo Credit: This person's Tumbr.

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