Video: Charlie Sheen Gets Kicked Out of Kings vs. Devils Game 4, Reacts Poorly


Unlike Charlie Sheen, the Los Angeles Kings were not winners on Wednesday night. Despite the fact that they entered Game 4 with a 3-0 series lead over the New Jersey Devils and seemingly all of the momentum in the world behind them, L.A.’s newest favorite sports team fell in unspectacular 3-1 fashion.

On any other day, the Kings losing would be the lead story. But when you’re dealing with a Los Angeles sports team, you always have to remember about the Charlie Sheen Exception. According to the Charlie Sheen Exception, all actual, relevant news and analysis gets put on the backburner whenever America’s best headcase does something dumb.

What dumb thing did Sheen do on Wednesday? Well, apparently, when a security guard refused to let him re-enter Staples Center after he left to go smoke, Sheen replied to her with these kind words:

"You know what? F*%king blow my b***s, alright, you f**king a**hole."

Classy. But it didn’t end there. Take it away, The Hollywood Gossip

On his way in, a fan screamed, "You ever done bath salts?" Charlie's response: "Would you ask me that at a f**king dinner party you moron? Go f**k yourself."

After another fan screamed, "Charlie, f*%k all the h**s tonight!!!!" Sheen replied, "I thought your mother and sister weren't available."

Jesus. Get this man some anxiety medication, please.

Congratulations women who steal little boys’ souvenirs and flesh-eating zombies, you're no longer the worst people in the world.

(Kudos The Hollywood Gossip)

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