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Video: Charles Barkley’s Awkward Slavery Joke from Inside the NBA

Inside the NBA is far and away the best halftime show in all of sports. Numerous channels have tried to copy the formula that TNT mastered many years ago, but none have been able to replicate the final product.

The thing that makes Inside the NBA so spectacular is the chemistry that Ernie, Charles and Kenny have. (We will continue to pretend as though Shaq isn’t there until his inevitable termination.) Just on the strength of how comfortable they are with each other, a lot of things that would bring down lesser programs down kind of get glossed over.

And yet, despite how good these guys are together, even their chemistry can’t overcome certain moments. Case in point, Chuck’s extremely awkward slavery quip during last night’s program:

Cringe. Worthy.

A few days ago, Cord Jefferson of Deadspin wrote about something called the Django Moment. ("When, while watching Quentin Tarantino's campy new slave-revenge movie, a person of color begins to feel uncomfortable with the way white people around them are laughing at the horrors onscreen.")

Because I haven’t seen Django and have no plans to, I couldn’t really identify.

Now I sort of get it.

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