Video: Chargers Fan Takes Out Playoff Loss Frustration By Beating Up Broncos Fan

Few things ruin a week like watching your favorite team get booted from the playoffs. Chargers, Saints, Panthers, and Colts fans know exactly what I mean right now.

For some fans, there’s not enough tear-filled beer in the world to drown the sorrows of a season-ending defeat. And with emotions running high, it’s no surprise that fans from opposing teams often express their distaste for one another with a little violence.

Fresh off the heals of his team’s 24-17 loss to Peyton Manning and his lauded Broncos squad, one Chargers fan couldn’t contain his disappointment. The fan, donning a (very) dated Antonio Cromartie jersey, was caught on video throwing haymakers at a Broncos fan. The Chargers fan quickly knocks the Broncos fan -- Peyton Manning jersey and all -- to the ground. The knockdown marked the first time that day someone from the Chargers’ side was able to get their hands on a Manning jersey. The team’s anemic pass rush failed to sack Manning even once during their game.

Police say they arrested four people in connection with the fight. Here is the footage:

As for our victim the Broncos fan, he was taken to a nearby hospital with non life-threatening injuries. He’ll get to enjoy next Sunday’s epic Broncos-Patriots AFC Championship game from the comfort of his own home (or bar of choice.) In addition to featuring the two greatest quarterbacks of this generation, the game will also pit a bruising Patriot ground attack versus a suddenly dominant Bronco defense.

Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount has racked up 431 yards and eight (eight!) touchdowns over his last three games. But check this out: over the last three games of their own, the Broncos’ defense has held each of their opponents under 260 total yards. That’s big time.

Combine this with the the heavyweight 49ers-Seahawks matchup happening up in Seattle, and NFL fans should be in for another awesome weekend of playoff action.

Sources: NBC San Diego, NFL.com


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