Video: Celtics’ Rajon Rondo Goes After TNT Cameraman Following Loss to Hawks


Losing a basketball game is never easy. Losing a basketball game that could have propelled you into the second round of the postseason must be ten times worse. But neither situation justifies losing any and all sense of who’s to blame for your troubles.

Rajon Rondo was understandably ticked off after the Boston Celtics fell to the Atlanta Hawks 87-86 on Tuesday night. The Celtics looked really off-kilter for most of the game, and yet even despite that, they still had a very solid shot at coming away with a victory.

The reason that they ultimately lost (well, one of the reasons) was because Rondo, after making a clutch steal with less than 11 seconds to go, strangely couldn’t do anything with the ball and wound up losing control of it as time expired. It was a shockingly choke-ish, sort of inexplicable moment for an otherwise great player.

So again, Rondo’s saltiness after the fact was understandable. What wasn’t understandable, however, was his decision to go after a TNT cameraman who was just trying to do his job. Check it out:

Two things:

1.) The guy wasn’t even pressing a camera in Rondo’s face. He was standing an appropriate distance away from him, just doing what he could. There was zero reason for that confrontation. 

2.) That’s a terrible, terrible jacket.

Celtics versus Hawks Game 6 is going down on Thursday, May 10 in Boston.  

(Kudos to NESN for the find)

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