Video: Celtics Players Dance Around in Halloween Masks

Well, it’s good to know the Boston Celtics are taking the upcoming 2010-11 NBA season seriously. It’s not like they’ll have face any tough competition foaming at the mouth to prove themselves as the elite team of the Eastern Conference or anything.

Early Monday, Celtics mini-guard Nate Robinson tweeted a video of the Celtics players dancing around in various Halloween costumes after the team’s practice. For a group composed of veterans who supposedly know the importance of practicing hard, they didn’t seem too worn out.

Perhaps this was a practice session for when the Miami Heat come to town on Opening Night and they have one giant dance-off at center court during halftime. Losers get serenaded by racist Boston fans.

The cynicism aside, there’s something kind of endearing about the Celtics taking their upcoming season in stride and having fun with one another. The last thing we need is another pouting, whiny Eastern Conference powerhouse with little-man's complex about the Heat.

Check out the video HERE.

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