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Video: CBA All-Star Game Produced this Embarrassingly Awful Basketball Sequence

Not to overstate this, but Sunday’s CBA All-Star game out of Guangzhou may have murdered the sport of basketball. Seriously, the level of skill (or lack thereof) displayed in the first half of that particular outing may have done irreparable damage to basketball around the globe.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this video of a really ugly sequence and see it with your own eyes, via Deadspin (via Beijing Cream):

Here is what led up to the above video, via Beijing Cream:

The CBA All-Star game was last night in Guangzhou, with the very first minute portending an evening of heroic fails. The southern all-stars sprinted out to miss their first three shots, all three-pointers. Their first two buckets were scored by former Dallas Maverick Wang Zhizhi, whom a less discerning fan could be excused for thinking was dead. Still, the North still found itself down 11 near the end of the first quarter,

Don’t watch this video before going to sleep – it’s guaranteed to give you nightmares.

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