Video: Canadian Lacrosse Players Brawl as 1 Fan Watches On


It can’t be easy having to go through life as a lacrosse player. Ever since the infamous Duke case a few years back, it seems as though the only time the sport gets any mainstream mentions is when something bad happens. Either there are unfortunate accusations made against players. Or some guy decides to knockout an opponent after being ejected for knocking out an another opponent. Or some high school-ish age kids decide to throw down during a game in front of seemingly one spectator.

That last situation is the one we’ll highlight today. As noted by the good folks at Deadspin, a recent Canadian lacrosse game quickly devolved into nothing more than a small schoolyard brawl when a bunch of kids figured that fighting was more fun than whatever they were doing beforehand. We’ll let Deadspin handle the play-by-play:

An emailer tells us we're looking at the Intermediate A teams (so, 16-to-18-year-olds) of the Coquitlam Adanacs and Nanaimo Timbermen fighting it out at a game on Saturday. …Presumably lacrosse has penalties for leaving the bench during a brawl, so the teams stay on their sides of the dasher—until the 45-second mark, when two Coquitlam players are putting the screws to a defenseless opponent. Someone from the Nanaimo side says screw it, jumps the boards, and then both sides decide that it's on like a pot of neck bones.

While the youth of Canada engaging in this sort of behavior is always unfortunate, the far more startling thing about the above video is the fact that nobody is in the stands. Literally,  nobody was watching those guys play. No wonder they have so much pent up aggression.

(Kudos to Deadspin)

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