Video: Canada vs. Costa Rica Women’s Soccer Match Produces Best Own Goal Ever

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Canada absolutely destroyed Costa Rica in a 5-1 rout on Monday at the CONCACAF women's Olympic qualifying tournament. A match-up that was originally billed as a battle of titans quickly turned into a massacre when Christine Sinclair and the rest of the Canadian side systematically dismantled their Costa Rican opponents in a way that eventually became slightly embarrassing to watch.

The unquestionably best thing about this game, though, happened early in the second half. On what appeared to be a routine backpass, Costa Rican defender Marianne Ugalde slowly tapped the ball to goalkeeper Julieth Arias. All seemed to be going according to plan in the sequence until Arias shockingly -- and hilariously -- let the ball slide past her into the goal.

It was just that kind of day for the losing side.

Check it out:

What's next for Costa Rica? Just a little ol' showdown this Friday against Team USA – a group that has outscored them 34-0 in seven meetings.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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