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Video: Cam Newton Does A-Town Stomp During Panthers vs. Falcons

Cam Newton celebrating a touchdown that some folks felt he shouldn’t have been celebrating landed him in hot water with a lot of national sports personalities last week.

This week, he opted to offend a much smaller audience. With three and a half minutes remaining in the third quarter of today's Panthers-Falcons showdown, Newton ran the ball in to make the game 24-20. Naturally, a celebration followed. Only it wasn’t the standard celebration – this time the Panthers’ biggest star decided to spice things up a bit.

Check it out:

Ah yes, the A-Town Stomp. Fantastic.

If you ultimately win the game, that is.

If you don’t, which the Newton and the Panthers didn’t, then you’re just the guy who did the A-Town Stomp for no good reason.

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