Video: Bucks’ Larry Sanders Tries to Fight Entire Indiana Pacers Team


Heading into Thursday night, we all knew that the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks weren’t huge fans of one another. This beef between these two squads dates all the way back to March when Mike Dunleavy Jr. busted up Tyler Hansbrough’s face with an unnecessarily hard foul, and none of the stuff that's happened since then has eased the hurt feelings.

Again, the fact that there is bad blood between these two squads is not news to anyone.

What is news, though, is just had bad that bad blood actually is. During the most recent Pacers vs. Bucks battle, the customary chippiness got taken to a whole new level when Larry Sanders "legitimately" tried to fight the entire Indiana roster after what he perceived to be a cheap shot.

Check it out:

There are varying opinions about how seriously Sanders wanted to throw down in that situation; either way, though, Pacers vs. Bucks is becoming one of the more fascinating current rivalries in the NBA.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the video)

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