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Video Bryce Harper Plays Softball in Park with Fans

So your hanging out with boys playing a pick-up game of softball and Bryce Harper comes walking up and asks if he can take a couple of swings. No, it’s not a dream, at least not for a group of guys playing softball in D.C. on Tuesday…

After making his smashing debut on Sunday and Monday against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the 19-year old Washington Nationals uber-prospect stopped by the Washington Monument fields to take a few swings with the boys.

As for swinging and missing at the first pitch… Talk about the ultimate changeup… You try hitting a 18 mph eephus pitch after trying to catch up to a mid 90’s fats ball day after day… Although he wasn’t old enough to have a beer in the parking lot after the game with the rest of the guys, by all accounts he was a pretty good sport and fun was had by all.

Harper will face right-handed pitcher Trevor Cahill in his home debut Tuesday night as the Nationals look to avoid a fifth consecutive loss in the opener of a three-game set with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Hopefully Cahill doesn’t throw the eephus pitch…


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