Video: Bryce Harper at the Center of a Bench-Clearing Brawl During Cubs vs. Nationals

Bryce Harper is one of the most promising young stars baseball has had in a decade. If the sport is able to reverse its current course and actually increase in popularity over the next few years, it’ll likely be because of stuff that he and fresh-faced newcomers of his ilk do.

With that praise in mind, there is something sort of irritating about him. He’s just one of those dudes that you kind of want to throw something at. Because of that quality, it’s kind of hard to fault Lendy Castillo for throwing a not-so-nice pitch at the Nationals’ star.

Once he did it, though, this was basically inevitable:

While some of us will choose to believe that Bryce Harper got thrown at because of his inherent Bryce Harperness, it’d probably be a good idea to fill in some of the blanks regarding what led up to this. Via New York Daily News:

Nationals manager Davey Johnson figures the Chicago Cubs were ticked off because Jayson Werth swung at a 3-0 pitch in the fifth inning.

Just to be clear, Johnson wasn't apologizing.

Adam LaRoche added to his home run tear with a two-run shot and Washington beat the Cubs 9-2 in a fight-filled game Thursday night to finish a lopsided four-game sweep.

"If they get mad at my guys in the fifth inning swinging 3-0 or running, they better get used to it," Johnson said.

The trouble started with a testy exchange between Cubs bench coach Jamie Quirk and Nationals third base coach Bo Porter in the fifth. Quirk shouted from the dugout toward third base and Porter walked over to the railing, jawing and pointing his finger.

The benches and bullpens emptied, but there was no pushing or shoving. Quirk was ejected before play resumed.

On the second go-round, as you can see in the video, there was in fact pushing and shoving.

Despite the distractions, to no one's surprise, the Nationals ultimately wound up winning the game 9-2.

(Kudos New York Daily News)

Photo Credit: CBS

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