Video: Bryan Stow’s 13-Year-Old Son Throws 1st Pitch at Giants Home Opener

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The infamous beating of Bryan Stow following a Los Angeles Dodgers versus San Francisco Giants showdown last year is something that still haunts L.A. baseball fans to this very day. Everyone knew and acknowledged that Frank McCourt was an incompetent owner who was far more concerned about running up tabs on the Dodgers’ credit than the safety of people who attended his games, but that incident etched it in stone.

A year later, Stow and his family are still struggling. Even though his health has improved substantially since the lowest point (he can now feed himself and talk), Stow still requires near constant assistance.

On Friday, at the Giants’ home opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco pulled the ultimate classy move and brought out Stow’s 13-year-old son to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Before he threw it, Stow appeared on the centerfield screen and wished his boy luck. It was a truly touching moment that everyone could appreciate, regardless of fan affiliation.

Check it out:

Perhaps motivated by all of the emotion racing through the stadium, the Giants eventually beat the Pirates 5-0.

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