Video: Bruce Bochy’s Rolls Royce Runs Out of Gas During Giants Championship Parade


All things considered, Bruce Bochy has had a pretty sweet year. Despite the fact that his San Francisco Giants suffered a plethora of early injures, and in the face of what appeared to be certain early playoff doom, he and his team ultimately prevailed en route to a World Series title. Any which way you to look at it, in spite of all the little bumps in the road, Bochy has been able to overcome every obstacle in his path.

Unfortunately, this week, Bochy finally ran into an obstacle he couldn’t overcome. During the Giants’ parade, he was forced to deal with a dilemma that a lot of everyday Americans have to deal with daily – his Rolls Royce ran out of gas. Via Yahoo! Sports:

Fortunately, because he brought home a World Series title and all, a few diehard fans ensured that the show would go on by pushing the Royce to Civic Center Plaza. Never let anyone tell you that San Francisco’s baseball fans aren’t legit.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

Photo Credit: Washington Examiner

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