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Video: Brent Musburger Didn’t Say Holly Rowe was “Smokin’” During Baylor vs. Kansas

Brent Musburger caught a lot of flak last week when he hilariously decided to take some time away from the BCS Championship game broadcast to fawn over A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb. In the days following that unfortunate decision the 73-year-old became something of a divisive figure; one side argued that there was nothing wrong with complimenting a beauty queen on her beauty, the other argued that what he did was demeaning.

Regardless of who you agree with, there is no getting around the fact that when people think of Musburger now, they immediately think of him drooling over Webb. And that probably explains why Awful Announcing misunderstood what he said last night when he signed off from the Baylor-Kansas game.

Check it out:

The good folks at AA and other media outlets thought Musburger said: "For Fran Fraschilla and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin' tonight, I want to say so long from Lawrence." While that would have been a tremendous f-you to all his critics from last week, clearly Musburger didn’t say that. If you re-listen to the audio, he can be heard saying it was really smokin’ tonight. Unless you think he was referring to Rowe as it a second after uttering her name, chances are he was talking about something else.

(Kudos Awful Announcing)

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