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Video: Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Knows Nothing About Kevin Garnett, Celtics

Not everyone is a sports fan. It’s totally cool if you’re not. In the grand scheme of life, sports is as inconsequential a thing as you will ever come across. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t care about your local teams.

But don’t pretend like you care when you very clearly don’t.

That’s the lesson that Boston mayor, Thomas Menino, learned the hard way recently. When asked about the surprising level of success that the Celtics have had over the course of their 2012 Playoff run, Merino (who has had this problem in the past) gave the most cringeworthy, uncomfortable answer ever.

Check it out:

No, your ears aren’t deceiving you. He really did say: “KJ is great, but Hondo is really the inspiration” and “Hondo drives that team” with a straight face.

Nobody was expecting much from a guy who once gave Jason Varitek props for kicking the game-winning field goal in the 2002 Super Bowl (he was referring to Adam Vinatieri), but this is definitely a new low.

(Kudos SI)

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