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Video: Boston Celtics Fan Throws Drink at Miami Heat’s LeBron James

Boston Celtics fans are notorious for being awful human beings. There was a study that came out a few years back that confirmed this, I think. Anyway, even if there wasn’t – they reaffirmed their horribleness with one fling of a cup this past Thursday night.

After LeBron James led his Miami Heat to a 98-79 victory over the Celtics in Boston, fans in attendance were understandably salty about it. The ones that didn’t leave in the second quarter, that is. And because they were so salty about getting single-handedly beaten by a guy who dropped Wilt Chamberlain-type numbers on them, they responded by doing this:

Hey Boston fans: how would you feel if someone had done that to K.J. or Hondo? Yup, thought so.

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